I will sadly be on hiatus. I don't know for how long. My mom and I were evicted from our home due to the leasing company not working with us. I'm basically homeless living in hotel to hotel. I'm trying to find a job as soon as I can, and a house to live in. I won't have access to internet if I'm on the road with my mom looking for houses. Life is getting harder, but I'll manage. Take care of yourselves.

the jams

the baes

de(b)r(ae) | jam | sarah | fayth | OTHER BAES TO THE MAX: raven, chi, roxie.


idk what to say in this tab but hello i like exo

Hi guys I’m sorry I haven’t been around but I have pink eye (caught it from my cousins fml) so I can barely see out my right eye. My left eye has bad vision so I’m basically half blind for the next week until it clears out :-(
Andddd my mom and I will hopefully be closing on our house tomorrow so I have to wear glasses when I go out BC I honestly look like I got punched in the face lmao

This was a wild ride


art trade with meltedicecubes  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ this was so fun to paint aahhh!! HUHUHU DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST 


bruh you’re still signed to sm ent


i think i'm falling for you; <3

지금 놀자


that one character everyone loves but you just like


baekhyun ♡ die jungs 

[INFO] Ryeowook did the ALS ice bucket challenge and tagged D.O., INFINITE’s L & VIXX’s N!


being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever because then you’re scared to ever say or do anything again and you end up isolating yourself because you think everyone hates you and you feel insecure about everything. long story short pls dont call people annoying